With the completed freeway access and the rail and bus connections, gatelands is quick and easy to reach from the Berlin city center and the Brandenburg region.


As of 2013, the gatelands in Businesspark Kienberg is being more intensively included in the public transportation concept of the Regional Verkehrsgesellschaft Dahme-Spreewald mbH (RVS). Gatelands is now being serviced with public transportation by the bus lines 738/735/734, maintaining two "GATELANDS“ bus stops in Berliner Chaussee. The lines connect gatelands from Monday to Friday on an hourly basis with the city rail stations Flughafen-Schönefeld and Zeuthen. In addition, the lines run on the Waltersdorf, Bohnsdorfer Weg route in the direction of Schönefeld, Elly-Beinhorn-Ring (BER) and Schönefeld, Hugo-Eckener-Allee over the bus stops Waltersdorf, Gatelands. These two stops are at the future capital city airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt, BER for short. On the weekend the 734 line runs every two hours.


With the Airport Express, you can travel from the Flughafen-Schönefeld train station to the Berlin main station in just 28 minutes. Beyond that, every 30 minutes specially marked regional trains on lines RE7 and RB14 depart from Flughafen-Schönefeld.


Link to schedule for lines 738/735/734


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gatelands by rail.
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gatelands road connections.
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Access by bus gatelands Business Park.
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