BER– The Berlin region`s new gateway to the world: More and more urban functions are developing at major airports and in the surrounding regions. Large hub airports, in particular, are visibly turning into ‘airport cities’, a phenomenon which is increasingly impacting on the surrounding area. Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich are just a few examples of this. New structures are therefore developing between city centres and airports as a concentration of housing, retail and office developments.


Experts expect the same thing to happen at BER and in the surrounding area. In the medium to long term, BER will prepare the ground for the airport corridor, which will stretch as far as central Berlin. Over the next few years, the area surrounding the airport and the south-east of Berlin will change completely and at great speed. The coming years will indeed be exciting – but they’ll also pose a major challenge to the region as well as project developers and investors. With BER as the driving force, we’re prepared for whatever the future may bring.



LEFT: BER – Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
MIDDLE: Mediaspree

RIGHT: Berliner Hauptbahnhof